Monday, February 13, 2017

All New Fathom #1

   Back after a short hiatus (with the latest popular addition to the title), welcome back to the All New Fathom.

   The series stars Michael Turner's creation, Aspen Matthews, who was raised as a regular human but actually has fantastic powers thanks to her undersea heritage with the race known as The Blue.

   This issue (thankfully) dispenses with most of the backstory and instead launches into a more traditional comic book story - namely, a slugfest between Fathom and a self-styled undersea "god."

   It forces Aspen into (apparently) her first moment in the spotlight, and the aftermath is entertaining (and sadly all too accurate).

   The new writer on the series is Blake Northcott, and it's a solid first issue as it sets up a new threat for the surface world, and provides plenty of adventure along the way.

   I like the art by Marco Renna - it's attractive without tipping over into the "good girl art" category, and the action sequences are fun.

   So not exactly a reboot, but a solid return for Aspen's top character. I'm looking forward to seeing where it goes from here!

Grade: A-


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