Sunday, February 5, 2017

All-New X-Men #18

   This issue of All-New X-Men finally tackles a topic that's been mostly overlooked since the original (teen) X-Men were brought to the present via time-travel - namely, how does the younger Cyclops feel about the fact that his modern-day self is a villain?

   I'm on record as saying that I hate (HATE HATE H8) what Marvel has done to Cyclops - taking one of the company's greatest heroes, a terrific leader, a great character - and they turned him into a murderer (thanks, Phoenix Force), a terrorist and finally, almost mercifully, killed him off. Hopefully someday he'll get the Hal Jordan / Rebirth / Redemption treatment and be allowed to be an actual hero again.

   In the meantime, we must "settle" for the young Cyclops, who seems determined to redeem his own reputation - if he can find a way.

   Otherwise, the issue shows him discovering some vital (and well-hidden) secrets that will (hopefully) lead to a showdown with the real villain behind Cyclops' fall.

   Great art and a strong story here - if they could just finish up the ongoing Inhumans vs. X-Men foolishness, they could get on with the business at hand: restoring the X-franchise.

Grade: A-


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