Saturday, February 4, 2017

Monsters Unleashed #2

   You have too give credit to the Monsters Unleashed "event."

   It is what it is.

   It makes no pretense of being a big, universe-altering story - one which you can expect to include the death of one or more heroes, or a reorganization of the Marvel Universe.

   Instead, what you get is a big ol' gathering of giant monsters in the style of Marvel's '50s and '60s comics - and gatherings of modern-day heroes fighting to stop them.

   The series doesn't seem to tie into the concept of the "Man of the Wall" - a task once covered by the original Nick Fury, being the guy who used advanced technology to take out those invading monsters back in the day. The last I heard, Winter Soldier had the gig.

   But it does tie into a different monster hunter, who's trying to track down the real source of the monster invasion - and we also check into a team of monsters who may have trouble establishing which side they're one.

   Not a lot of deep thought here, but it's a fun romp so far - what's not to like?

Grade: B+


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