Monday, February 6, 2017

The Avengers #4

   As the greatest foe of The Avengers (or at least my personal favorite), Kang the Conqueror also has the distinction of having a terribly convoluted backstory.

   The good news is, this issue spells it out for those of you who haven't been following along since then early '60s - writer Mark Waid has you covered.

   He follows Kang's beginning as a man from our future who re-creates Dr. Doom's original time machine, and travels to the past, where he becomes the ruler of ancient Egypt known as Rama-Tut.

   From there, it's on to Kang and conquest and - wait, where are The Avengers?

   (Just kidding, they make a cameo.)

   The art by Mike Del Mundo is a wonder, cooking up visions of future vistas and strange battles, life and death and everything in between.

   It's a terrific slice of history setting up the next big confrontation with the Conqueror!

Grade: A


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