Friday, January 13, 2017

Khaal #1

   Titans Comics has been bringing some interesting comics to our shores, and the latest addition is the series Khaal, which is subtitled "The Chronicles of a Galactic Emperor."

   It's a grim tale about life aboard a gigantic space station that was once a prison - but after a galactic version of Armageddon, it's the last stronghold of civilization (more or less), and it feature three alien races struggling for dominance.

   Standing at the top of the heap is the human (ish) leader known as Khaal. (A nice guy he isn't.)

   He holds the reigns thanks to his incredible power (and the secret source of it), which allows him to face challengers in a gladiatorial setting - and stay unbeaten.

   This is an adult story (with violence and sex) and an inventive one, with a big, bold story, terrific art and lots of secrets to sort out.

   It's not for the timid, but it's a strong start to the series.

Grade: B+


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