Thursday, January 12, 2017

The Flash #14

   It's usually a good idea when a series goes back to the basics, and that seems to be the plan for The Flash.

   This issue brings the focus back on the Rogues - Captain Cold, the Mirror Master, Heat Wave, the Trickster, Weather Wizard and Golden Glider.

   The gang of Flash foes has been absent for a while, and the Flash decides it's time to track them down.

   We also meet a few more villains and see Barry Allen and Iris West finally - finally! -  starting to build a relationship.

  So it feels much more like a classic Flash story, and thank goodness for that!

   It's an interesting story by Joshua Williamson and strong art by Carmine Di Giandomenico, with strong character designs and page layouts. (Though I'm not crazy about the lightning bolts around Flash's eyes. Maybe it's just me.)

   After too many issues that were off target, it's great to see The Flash cooking on all cylinders!

Grade: A-


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