Saturday, January 14, 2017

Jessica Jones #4

   One of the things that stands out about Jessica Jones is that it is (now) set firmly in the Marvel Universe - but it doesn't really feel like it.

   It's almost like an Earth-2 version of Marvel. (Arguably, the original Alias series was set in a slightly different, "R" rated version of the MU.)

   That's because it's much more gritty, more street-level, than any other series. A lot of the credit goes to the art by Michael Gaydos, whose unique style evokes the real world without being photo-realistic. Stunning work!

   The story by Brian Michael Bendis has Jessica involved in a mystery. As this storyline started, she was being released from prison (we don't know why). Her child with Luke Cage is in hiding, and Luke wants answers but isn't getting any (we don't know why). Jessica is kidnapped by a mystery woman and offered a chance to betray her former friends in the Avengers.

   And there, at least, we finally get some answers, as Ms. Marvel Captain Marvel puts in an appearance and we learn the reasons behind Jessica's problems - and why she's being so secretive.

   But the story isn't over, and there's much more to be revealed and uncovered.

   It's a strong return for the series and it fits well with the TV version, too. It's for adult readers - and highly recommended!

Grade: A-



Hoy Murphy said...

They put Ms Marvel in a comic book aimed at adults? That doesn't sound like a good idea.

I'm halfway through the Netflix series. I'm enjoying it but, boy, is it padded with a lot of subplots.


Chuck said...

Ack! I'm showing my age - it's Captain Marvel (the former Ms. Marvel, not the present one). Sorry about that - I'll correct it right away!