Saturday, December 10, 2016

The Champions #3

   It's great to see Marvel embracing a "young heroes" comic (and bringing back the classic Champions name at the same time).

   Since the Silver Age, Marvel hasn't much gone in for teen (or younger) heroes - the original X-Men team sorta qualifies, since they were all students - but within a year of the start of the title they all graduated and went into college.

   The exception is the excellent (and sadly canceled) Power Pack series about actual kids with superpowers - and some of the more recent X-Men titles have focused on the younger mutants.

   But this series has an "A"-list group of teen heroes, including Ms. Marvel, Nova, (Ultimate) Spider-Man, the (Totally Awesome) Hulk, and Viv Vision (the Vision's "daughter").

   The interaction between the members of the team is what makes the series fun, and boy howdy do they interact here (if you catch my drift).

   They also find that they've inspired some young women in the Middle East, and they try to offer their help - but how do you rescue someone who won't leave a dangerous place?

   It's a strong story by Mark Waid with terrific, high-energy artwork by Humberto Ramos and Victor Olazaba.

   This really feels like a classic Marvel comic, with equal doses of action, humor and heart.

   Highly recommended!

Grade: A-


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