Friday, December 9, 2016

Justice League #10

   OK, that's more like it.

   I haven't been impressed with the Justice League as written by Bryan Hitch, but this issue has turned that around.

  It manages that by telling a "smaller" story - instead of alien invasions or mysterious galactic menaces, we have a deadly computer virus that nearly manages to destroy San Francisco (by crashing the JL satellite), kill Batman and take over Green Lantern's ring and Cyborg's armor.

   As the League tracks the virus to its source, they find themselves in a normal neighborhood confronting a family that suffered a recent loss.

   From there the story builds into a massive confrontation and the promise of more mayhem next issue.

   I enjoyed this one a lot - a pleasant change as it brings the team together in down-to-Earth adventure.

   More like this, please!

Grade: A-



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