Thursday, December 8, 2016

Avengers #2

   Anytime they roll out Kang as the villain in an issue of The Avengers, I'm a happy reader.

   The trick, of course, is finding a fresh approach to the despot from the distant future - and thankfully writer Mark Waid is up to the task.

   Here's a Kang who is caught in the middle of a time paradox, thanks to the Vision plucking him out of the timeline when he was a baby.

   Kang threatens to destroy the Avengers using the same method - but his plan is opposed by a surprising source. And one Avenger has surprising immunity to the scheme.

   Mike Del Mundo provides unique painted art for the story, which gives it a powerful, chaotic look.

   The story threatens to spin out of control - time paradoxes are tricky rascals - but Waid keeps those plates spinning carefully in the air, adding fresh twists along the way.

   Throw in a few Easter eggs and you have a mighty entertaining story brewing.

Grade: A-



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