Friday, December 23, 2016

Cave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye #3

   I can't pretend that I know where Cave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye is going - but I'm enjoying the ride.

   The character is so obscure, he was once a member of the group known as the Forgotten Heroes - but I always liked him.

    In the early '60s DC had several similar groups - heroes made up of a leader, his best friend / assistant, his best gal, and her brother (or variations thereof).

    Sea Devils, Rip Hunter, Cave Carson, Challengers of the Unknown - they were all real people thrown into adventure and adversity, and they formed a team - and a family.

   It's great to see the Young Animal brand bringing this character back. This issue continues to build the tension, as Cave gathers a new team (which includes his daughter and Wild Dog) to race to the rescue of an underground kingdom.

   But first they have to deal with the gruesome attack of giant monsters. (Natch!)

   It's not a comic for kids - there are adult elements at work here - but it's mighty entertaining and racing along at top speed.

   And it's further proof that any character can be interesting in the hands of a great creative team.

   I hope this succeeds - Cave deserves to be remembered!

Grade: A-


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