Saturday, December 24, 2016

Executive Assistant Iris: Enemies Among Us #1

   Aspen has been bringing together some of its disparate characters into a unified continuity - that's what comics companies do, right?

   The next step in that process can be found in the latest version of the Executive Assistant series.

    The series follows the adventures of a number of beautiful young women who are trained to be bodyguards, assassins and permanent aides to the rich and powerful.

   This issue follows Iris, a newly-graduated student, as she starts her job - a lifetime of employment working for Mr. Ching, a mysterious businessman who has dealings with some less-than-savory individuals.

   The story is divided into two parts - the first written by David Wohl, the second by Vince Hernandez - and they feel like two different stories.

   The first part is all backstory and setup, with little actual conflict going on. The second chapter kicks it into high gear, with a fierce battle and an unexpected twist.

   The art is solid throughout, from Giuseppe Cafaro on part one, focusing on the exotic element of the story, while Randy Green and Mark Roslan in part two turn in a strong fight sequence and a big surprise.

   There's still an edge to this series that's hard to dismiss. Aren't the Executive Assistants just prostitutes who fight? (Granted, we don't see any hints of sex in this issue - but the concept is the same.)

   Maybe it's just me. I recommend checking it out and making up your own mind.

Grade: B+


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