Thursday, December 22, 2016

Invincible Iron Man #2

   I like the character of Riri Williams.

   She's smart (world-class smart), she's funny and caring.

   But I still don't see a good reason for having her replace Tony Stark (who's missing in a way we won't find out about until the final issue of Civil War arrives - presumably).

   They can suit her up in Iron Man's armor, they can give her an artificial version of Tony to train her - but that doesn't explain why Tony would agree to send a teenage girl into harm's way.

   And his training methods, depicted here, are unsupportable.

   We do get some more of Riri's personal story, which is nice, and the art by Stefano Caselli is very good, with a great ability to bring characters to life.

   I can understand creating a new female hero, giving her some high-tech armor and the drive to fight the bad guys - but I still don't see any justification for putting her in harm's way.

   (I know, it's a comics trope - but it's not a good one.)

Grade: B-



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