Monday, October 24, 2016

Black Widow #7

   The Black Widow is a character who - outside of Marvel's movies - has rarely realized her potential.

   She's been many things in her long career at Marvel - villain, spy, super-hero - but her past has remained largely wrapped in mystery.

   So this series is shining a light on some of those dark corners, as we meet some of the people behind her training as a child - and see what that process of brainwashing and brutality did to her.

   It's a dark, deadly story, and it shows just what Natasha has overcome to become a hero (at least we think she's a hero).

   It's terrific work as always by co-writer / artist Chris Samnee and co-writer Mark Waid, two of the best in the business.

   It's not a happy, upbeat story - but it is an important one, as the Widow faces a deadly race to the finish.

   You really should be buying this series.

Grade: A


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