Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Guest Review: Big Trouble In Little China / Escape From New York #1

   Two action heroes meet up in a new comic book mini-series - and here with a Guest Review of that title is Glen Davis

   John Carpenter and Kurt Russell were a regular cinematic dynamic duo for several years, collaborating on well-remembered films. 

   Boom! Studios is mashing two of them together in a fun mini-series.

   Jack Burton from Big Trouble In Little China is driving his rig through Texas shortly after the events in the movie. He drives through a dimensional portal invoked by Wang, his friend in the movie, and arrives in an alternate 2001, the post-apocalyptic world of Escape From New York.

   Of course, he's mistaken for Snake Plissken, who tracks him down to kill him for taking Snake's name. Plissken is the man that Wang actually tried to summon. 

   After the initial confrontation, some handy exposition explains what the heck is going on.

   A fairly good beginning, and a plausible way to get two very different concepts together. Not bad.

Grade:  B 


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