Sunday, September 11, 2016

Supergirl #1

   Hot on the heels of the Rebirth issue, here's another Supergirl #1, as the Maid of Steel (do they still call her that?) tries to find her place in this strange new world.

   Of course, the goal of this series is (one presumes) to bring the comic in line with the (very good) TV series.

   But it has a ways to go. The TV version succeeds because the title character is immediately likable. The comic version doesn't manage that - she's unhappy about her life in our "primitive" world, and she can't fit in as teenager Linda Danvers - or as Supergirl. And she's fighting with her "foster parents."

   The only problem with the book is that tone. We have a self-pitying hero who tries to do the right thing - like rescuing hostages from a murderous gang - but her efforts aren't appreciated.

   As with any first issue, there's a lot of foundation-building required, so characters are rolled out, tension is introduced, and the main villain puts in an appearance (though he feels borrowed from an ongoing Superman story).

   The art by Brian Ching is very good, and writer Steve Orlando captures the voice of the characters - but the series needs to up the action quotient - and mimic the TV show's attitude - to survive.

Grade: B


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