Monday, September 12, 2016

Doctor Strange #11

   After a hard-hitting 10-issue opening storyline, this issue of Doctor Strange gives us a beat to catch our breath.

   The issue is split between a flashback to Strange's earliest days and some modern-day adventures.

   I'm also split about the "early days" adventure. On one hand, it's wonderfully drawn by Kevin Nowlan, a terrific, expressive artist whose work we just don't get enough of (he also supplied the cover). On the other hand, the story by Jason Aaron includes a minor retcon that feels completely unnecessary.

   The modern day story, drawn by Leonardo Romero, is a bit lighter and fun as we see Strange fighting to pick up the pieces after the near-destruction of the magic in this reality.

   The series continues to be a strong direction for the Sorcerer Supreme (assuming he still has that title) - it's a great mix of action, terrific characters, smart stories and a dollop of humor.


Grade: A-


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