Saturday, September 10, 2016

Eight Years of CCotD!

   Today marks the eighth year since your pal Chuck started this blog.

   As a life-long comics reader (well, almost), I thought it would be fun to see if it was possible to write daily reviews of comics. Turns out the answer was: not quite. But we've had some good runs, and the missed days (with a couple of exceptions) have been few and far between.

   At first, the blog was only dedicated to new comics. There's never been an attempt to cover everything out there - instead, the focus has been on the stuff that I enjoy reading.

   Which is not to say that I enjoy everything. My lovely wife once asked me, "Why do you buy comics you don't like?" I replied that I bought them hoping they'd be good - but it doesn't always work out that way.

   Actually, my original concept for the blog was to go negative and slam just about everything (humorously) - but I just couldn't maintain that level of negativity, even as a joke. Besides, there are lots of writers and artists working hard out there to create comics - it wouldn't be fair to denigrate them constantly.

   That's why I try to maintain a positive aspect to the reviews here - you won't find many posts that slam a comic (but there are a few).

   Some adjustments were made to the blog over the years, mostly because of reader requests. I added the list of "what I bought today" by request, and I started doing reviews of "classic" comics for the same reason (I've been slack on that front lately - I'll try to get back on track).

   I've also been lucky enough to get lots of help along the way from a number of Guest Reviewers - heroes all! And if anyone out there would like to take a crack at it, you're welcome to send a review of a new or classic comic to There's no pay involved, but you get bragging rights!

   Oh, and a special thanks to all those who've placed orders through the Amazon link on the right of the page. That puts a little bit of money into the coffers at no additional cost to you! (What does the money go toward? More comics-realated books, natch.)

   So thanks for your comments (always appreciated) and for reading! I see no end in sight in the near future - and our numbers continue to reach new and surprising heights, so as long as you keep reading, I'll keep writing.

   On to the next year!



El Vox said...

Congrats, on the anniversary. I'm glad you kept it positive, because who needs negativity? There's too much to be positive about in life and in our hobbies to let negativity get in the way, which doesn't mean you have to give everything a thumbs up, you can be critical. But that's different, right? I'm glad you added the "what I bought" feature, the classic comic reviews, and the occasional movie reviews too.

Billy Hogan said...

Congratulations, Chuck, and Happy Anniversary! I look forward to reading your blog every day (except when you review an issue I bought but haven't read yet. Then I read your review after I've read my copy. Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...


Kyle said...

Congratulations Chuck! One of the reasons your reviews are so enjoyable is because of the positive outlook, that and you knowledge/history/familiarity with comics. Keep up the great work!

Chuck said...

Thanks for the kind words, one and all - much appreciated!

Cephas said...

Congrats old pal! Keep 'em coming!