Saturday, September 24, 2016

Guardians of the Galaxy #12

   Well, this issue is certainly different.

   I can't remember a comic book I've ever read that spent the first four pages hectoring the human race in general for being a colossal bunch of losers.

   (This is not the sort of thing that endears a comic to readers.)

   It happens during a discussion between Rocket Raccoon (who's pointing out the numerous failures of the pitiful human race) and Star-Lord, all as the Guardians of the Galaxy approach the Earth.

   They're popping in for a visit to inject themselves in the whole hero vs. hero thing cooking away in the Civil War II mini-series.

   (Why? Who can say?)

   As for the rest of the issue, well, it's a lot of setup and a little bit of action - though one event in the conflict may have a major impact on the future of the series.

   Oh, and that awesome cover by Art Adams? Nothing like that happens in the issue. Maybe next issue.

   Pehaps Rocket will learn to like Earthlings now that he's here for a visit.

Grade: B



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