Sunday, September 25, 2016

Britannia #1

   It's great to see companies trying something different from the usual superhero product.

   Britannia certainly fills the bill, as it offers a cross between a history lesson and a fantasy adventure.

   Set in 60 A.D., it tells the story of the collision between the powerful Roman Empire and the mystic forces that dwell in the northern country known as Britannia.

   Written by comics veteran Peter Milligan, it's a terrific mix of politics and power struggles as the mysterious Vestal Virgins use their arcane knowledge to influence events.

   And then there are the strange events that are claiming the lives of Roman soldiers, and a Centurion named Antonius is the one man who may be faced with unraveling the secrets - if he can survive the experience.

   The art is by Juan Jose Ryp, and he create a lush, adult world that feels earthy and real.

   This is not a comic for kids, by the way, with lots of adult situations and a surplus of bloodshed.

   This is definitely a unique series, and if you have any interest in history at all, you'll find great rewards here.

 Grade: A


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