Friday, September 23, 2016

Trinity #1

   Apparently there's a new movement in comics.

   Most comics try to end each issue on a cliffhanger, to keep the reader coming back next issue.

   But the idea now seems to be: make the final page of the issue a complete mystery, so the reader will come back to find out what the heck just happened. (Both DC and Marvel have been guilty of this lately - I'm looking at you, Civil War II.)

   I have to tell you, that doesn't work with me.

   Case in point: the new series Trinity, which features Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman.

   But don't buy this issue expecting some kind of action-packed adventure. Instead, it features those three powerful figures getting together... for dinner.

   (You heard me.)

   There's a lot of nice art on display here - Francis Manapul is one of the most creative artists working in the business today, and if you like double-page spreads of each hero in a poster-style pose, you'll get that here.

   But the story, also by Manapul, is mighty thin. And I have no idea what's going on in that final page.

   So will I be back for the next issue? (Shakes Magic 8-Ball. It reads: "Probably Not.")

Grade: B-


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