Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Invincible Iron Man #13

   I have to admit that I'm a bit disappointed in the Invincible Iron Man series.

   Maybe that's because my expectations were so high.

   The creative team is writer Brian Michael Bendis, who's perfectly suited to write this kind of fast-talking, smart as a whip, wisecracking, extremely smart hero (see: Ultimate Spider-Man).

   The art is by Mike Deodato, whose style has evolved into a wonderful realistic style that pulls you in on the strength of its real-world visuals and incredible layouts and environments.

   The art, I'm happy to say, lives up to that billing.

   But the story just never seems to come together, as Tony Stark faces the (apparent) loss of his newest love interest (as the result of a story that never quite made sense) and the death of his best friend (thanks to a crossover - Civil War II - that also doesn't make much sense).

   The series has also struggled under the weight of crossover events (Civil War II again), when it should be focusing on the hero and his adventures.

   I would hope that things will get sorted out after the crossover ends, but from what I've heard, it just gets worse from here.

   What a shame. With this creative team, this book should be flying high - not grounded under the weight of silly storylines.

Grade: B


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