Friday, September 16, 2016

All-New X-Men #13

   It's pretty standard these days for a series to take "an issue off" to decompress, either just after or just before a big storyline.

   And that seems to be the idea behind this issue of All-New X-Men, as Iceman (Bobby Drake), Idie Okonkwo (does she have a hero name?) and Evan Sabahnur (Kid Apocalypse) head out for a night of partying in hopes of helping Bobby overcome his shyness.

   The story lays it on thick - for those who haven't been following this series, Bobby has finally admitted to himself and others that he's gay - and like any teen, he's trying to learn how dating works.

   There's a smattering of action thrown in - all to tease the next big thing - but the issue is really all about the eternal fight to fit in - and that's something many comic fans can probably relate to.

   Those are the readers this issue is aimed at - not an old codger like me - and that's fine. Fans will want to pick it up since it's the first chapter in the latest crossover event - just don't expect much in the way of action or adventure.

   It's a small story, but important just the same.

Grade: B+


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