Thursday, September 15, 2016

All-Star Batman #2

   The new All-Star Batman series reminds me of a classic Marvel Annual - the first Spider-Man Annual that featured the Sinister Six (which featured all the top villains in that series attacking the hero in one adventure).

   And trust me, that's high praise.

   The story has Batman trying to move Two-Face out of the city - but an army of super-villains are standing in his way, so they must fight their way past some of the most powerful, fearsome and generally gruesome villains in Batman's Rouges' Gallery.

   It's a fast-paced, high-energy series packed with amazing art by John Romita, Jr., and a multi-layered script by Scott Snyder.

   As always, Snyder often goes a bit too far - so we see even Batman's closest allies turning on him, thanks to a blackmail threat.

   It would be nice to think that the good guys could resist that sort of thing, but we'll see where the story is going before rendering final judgment.

Grade: A-




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