Saturday, September 17, 2016

Superwoman #2

  I get the feeling there's a really good comic buried somewhere inside this issue.

   Written and drawn by Phil Jimenez, Superwoman is jam-packed with... stuff.

   There are dramatic events, as we follow up on the (apparent) death of one of the two Superwomen (yep, there's two of them - or at least there were two in the first issue).

   It involves Lex Luthor and an apparent plot against him. We also meet the love interest of Superwoman - Steel.

   There's an interview with the police that seems pointless. There are mysterious villains (I have no idea who they are, except for the one who pops up on the shocking final page), attacks on the city by other villains, an attack that seems to have no effect, and a hero (the title character) who spends most of the comic sick and feeling sorry for herself.

   The art is terrific, of course, but the story is almost impenetrable, with references to previous stories and relationships that I know nothing about.

   I want to like this series, but I'm really struggling - while reading it, I feel like it's issue 20, and I'm way behind on the central plot points.

    Your mileage may vary.

Grade: B


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