Sunday, August 28, 2016

Wonder Woman #5

   The Wonder Woman comic has a split personality as it continues its Rebirth story.

   That's because the stories are alternating, with the even number issues telling her "Year One" origin story (or at least the latest version), and the odd-numbered books telling a modern day story of Diana trying to solve the mystery behind her unreliable memories.

   So that's where we are with this issue, as writer Greg Rucka takes WW to the jungle seeking answers (for reasons that aren't clear) from the Cheetah.

   By coincidence, her... friend, Steve Trevor, is on a military mission of some kind that lands him in the same neighborhood - and he's facing destruction (or something) at the hands of an evil cult and the god they worship.

   I know there are mysteries to unfold, but this story just seems to be taking forever to get to the point. (But the art by Liam Sharp is excellent.)

   The "Year One" story I'm enjoying a lot. This one isn't working as well - though the conclusion may still bring it all together.

Grade: B


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