Monday, August 29, 2016

Z-Men #5

   I'm always amazed at the diversity of comics available today, and how regularly I run into a comic or series that I didn't know about.

   For example, we have the new comics company Double Take, which has released 10 new titles, each separate but joined in continuity because they're all set in the world of the movie Night of the Living Dead - so lots of zombies (or zombie-ish) characters inhabit these comics (and they are not aimed at young readers).

   The comics all have one-word titles: Honor, Rise, Slab, Spring, Home, Remote, Medic, Dedication, Soul and - our focus in this review - Z-Men.

    From the title, you might expect an X-Men knockoff (well, that's what I expected) - but it's nothing of the sort.

   Instead, it focuses on two Secret Service Agents who are sent to investigate the mysterious reports involving zombies - and that lands them in the middle of chaos, as they fight for their lives to try to save a critical power plant.

   A small army worked on this title. The story is by Bill Jemas, the script is by Jeff McComsey and Jemas, and the art layouts are by McComsey and Stan Chou, with the art by Kurt Tide, Jaime Salangsang and Alisson Rodrigues.

   It all feels a bit rushed, slightly unpolished (not unlike the original movie, so perhaps that was the idea). It's tough to jump in at this point in the story - even with the recap, it's not easy to sort it all out.

   It might be better to wait for the collection. But kudos to the company and the creators for tackling a titanic concept right out of the blocks!

Grade: B-


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