Saturday, August 27, 2016

Wynonna Earp #7

   If anyone has reason to celebrate, it's Wynonna Earp!

   After all, her TV series on the SyFy Channel has been renewed for a well-deserved second season!

   (And if you haven't watched it yet, you have a real treat in store - it's a terrific mix of horror, humor, action and terrific, sexy characters!)

   She's celebrating in her ongoing comic book, too! After months of dealing with zombies, revenants and assorted monsters, Wynonna gets a week away from her Black Badge / monster hunting duties, and she and the beautiful, powerful and mysterious Valdez set out to party down!

   As you'd expect, writer Beau Smith packs this issue with lots of laughs, great character beats and plenty of action. (What? Did you think Wynonna and Valdez could go far without getting into a fight with a bunch of thugs in desperate need of some pain?)

   The art is by Chris Evenhuis, filling in ably for regular artist Lora Innes. I like his style, which owes a bit to Adam Hughes - he has great character designs, and each figure is expressive and fun to watch. His layouts are dynamic and the story flows effortlessly.

   The issue is a nice break from the Western horror stylings (there's a bit of it on display), and demonstrates how versatile the concept is, taking us from horror to humor to action without pausing for a breath.

   Join the party!

Grade: A




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Kevin Findley said...

Both the comic book and the TV show are great fun. Folks should go read about his visit to the set and see that no matter how grown-up the "Last Real Man in Comics" may be, he's still a true fanboy at heart.