Saturday, July 16, 2016

Ragnarok #9

   Writer / artist Walt Simonson had a historic run on Marvel's Thor, and the series Ragnarok (which seems to be flying under the radar for many) brings the two back together again - sort of.

   This version of that Norse god is not based on Marvel's Lee / Kirby creation - instead, it's based on the original myths (more or less).

   But this is Thor after Ragnarok (the final battle that destroys - well, everything), which he and the universe have survived - barely.

   Each issue has focused on massive battles, focusing on different aspects of the Norse myths, as Thor fights old enemies to survive - and to honor his fallen friends and family.

   This issue is a bit out of the ordinary, as (one brief bit of violence aside), it focuses on an unusual power Thor possesses - one that enables him to correct a recent wrong and craft an unusual ally.

   I love this series - though I should add that it's almost nothing like Simonson's acclaimed Thor run. Here's he's moving in different directions, but each page crackles with power and humor and the heft of myth.

   Highly recommended!

Grade: A


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Hoy Murphy said...

I just read the collection of the first six issues. These come out so slowly I think that's the best way to read them, all in one big chunk. I find it very enjoyable.