Sunday, July 17, 2016

Aspen Universe: Revelations #1 (of 5)

   There are two types of comic book companies: the ones where virtually all their titles take place in the same universe (Marvel and DC), and the ones whose titles rarely if ever connect (almost everyone else).

   It's been an obstacle for Aspen's line of comics - but this mini-series, Aspen Universe: Revelations, promises to bring together the worlds of Aspen Matthews and the cast of the Soulfire series.

   That's a bit of a trick, because Aspen's world is set in the world of ecology and science fiction - while Soulfire is all about magic.

   So to give us a new beginning, the series takes us to the end.

   Of the world.

   As the planet (at some future date) is in its death throes, a groups of heroes plans a way to avert disaster - one that will send the young magician Malikai on  journey that will test his powers - and courage.

   The issue has a strong story and excellent, powerful art. It's only failing is that it has the "origin" curse - in other words, it has to explain what's going on to help guide new readers through these disparate worlds.

   I hope this story works - crossovers between the series (and their characters) should be a good jolt to set up new and more exciting stories.


Grade: B+


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