Friday, July 15, 2016

Nightwing: Rebirth #1

   It's generally a bad idea for heroes to change names - it's a sign that something isn't working (in other words, weak sales).

   One of the exceptions to that rule was Dick Grayson, the original Robin who outgrew the role of being a sidekick and a "Boy Wonder."

   As the leader of the Teen Titans, he became Nightwing, and it was a real improvement - it gave him a chance to shine on his own, build a new life and it paved the way for future Robins to take their turn.

   For whatever reason, the decision was made to expose his secret identity in recent years, forcing him to drop his hero identity and become a secret agent.

   This issue of Rebirth has an obvious task at hand - clean up the continuity clutter and get Dick Grayson back in action as Nightwing.

   As the cover makes clear, this story does exactly that, walking us through as he touches base with all his past identities and explaining which one he's going back to.

   It doesn't really shed much light on those past associations - those of us who haven't read all those stories just get a general idea of what happened before - but it does a great job setting up the new series, and I suspect it'll make longtime Nightwing fans very happy indeed.

   Strong art, a solid story - and the return of a great hero. Sounds good to me!

Grade: A-


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