Thursday, July 7, 2016

Future Quest #2

   I think it's awfully kind of DC to create this comic just for me.

   (And all the other fans of the 1960s Hanna-Barbera action / adventure cartoons.)

   Future Quest is managing the difficult task of linking together such disparate heroes as Jonny Quest, Space Ghost, the Herculoids and - well, that would be telling.

   The story features a battle on an alien world with a cosmic monster - and now that creature threatens to invade the Earth, with the help of a certain villain.

   The story by Jeff Parker rockets along at top speed, mixing action and humor and nostalgia into an irresistibly entertaining package.

   The art is divided by three different artists - Evan "Doc" Shaner, Ron Randall and Jonathan Case. None of them are working in an animation style, but the art is fresh and action-packed, their styles mesh well and the issue has a terrific energy at work.

   If you're a fan of these characters, you should be reading this series - it's a lot of fun and highly recommended!

Grade: A



Mr. Brooks said...

Man, I haven't had this much fun reading DC IN YEARS!
From FUTURE QUEST and GREEN ARROW to the reinvigorated SUPERMAN & FLASH comics. DC is hitting it out of the park!

But for the love of GOD DC, PLEASE GIVE PARKER and The DOC the OK to launch SHAZAM! FQ proves no one does "adventure fun" better than P/D.

e1e2t3 said...

This sounds like so much fun! Your first line is great! I've felt that way about certain comics/TV Shows/Movies/Whatever before.