Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Justice League Rebirth #1

   I'm so confused.

   Superstar artist and writer Bryan Hitch has been working on the comic Justice League of America, an "outside continuity" series that featured the classic "New 52" team (which means you get Cyborg instead of J'onn J'onzz, and Green Lantern is in there, too). It was very good.

   But the opening storyline hasn't wrapped up yet.

   Despite that, here's Bryan Hitch writing and drawing (with inkers Daniel Henriques and Scott Hanna) Justice League Rebirth, which is not connected to the other series (aside from a quick mention).  Apparently he's the new writer (and possibly artist) on the ongoing, post-Rebirth series.

   This issue is a fun, Cinemascope-sized "done in one" comic that serves as a solid primer to the series. It introduces the cast, substituting two Green Lanterns in place of the (presumably off world) Hal (Green Lantern) Jordan.

   It also introduces the new and different Superman to the team, although it takes its sweet time getting around to it (apparently his discussion with Lois was more important that rescuing millions of residents endangered by a city-sized monster).

   So while this certainly offers a promising start to the new series, I'd like to see a resolution to the series still dangling out there, waiting for a conclusion.

   Hopefully Hitch can manage both!

Grade: A




Jim Werner said...

Hitch's JLA was cancelled and Tony Daniel is on art in the regular run on this book.

Chuck said...

Thanks, Jim!