Friday, July 8, 2016

Invincible Iron Man #11

   Some stories end, others just... stop.

   Like this issue of Invincible Iron Man, which wraps up an unusual espionage story that has Tony Stark in disguise trying to infiltrate a new tech organization that threatens the world.

   It's led by a woman who calls herself the Techno Golem, and she has the ability to control any mechanical device with her mind - which makes her especially difficult for Iron Man to defeat.

    But instead of following through with the spy story, suddenly the issue is invaded by the All-New All-Different Avengers, acting as the calvary.

   It feels like they just wanted to get this story over with, because the team is led by several tech-based heroes (War Machine, the Vision, Nova) but the conclusion is quick and stunning.

   The credit for that has to go to artist Mike Deodato (with color art by Frank Martin), who manages super-hero spectacle and supermodel posing with equal skill. His work here (as always) is stunning.

   But you can't help but feel that writer Brian Michael Bendis had to rush the wrap-up on this a bit in order to make the jump to Civil War II - and to start laying the groundwork for the new "Iron Man," already spoiled by news stories this week.

   But it's worth buying the issue just for that double-page "Avengers Attack" splash.

Grade: A-



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