Monday, June 20, 2016

Guest Review - King's Quest #1

   Stepping in to the Guest Review chair is my pal Glen Davis, with a review of a series that is not based on the classic computer game with the same title (I'm showing my age here). It's all about a team-up of some of the world's most famous comic strip characters.


   King's Quest is a sequel mini-series to the Kings Watch mini-series of last year.

   Once again, Flash Gordon, Mandrake the Magician, Prince Valiant and the Phantom team up to fight Ming the Merciless

   Only in this series there are TWO Phantoms: Lothar is still masquerading as The Ghost Who Walks, but he's found the true heir to the Phantom legacy: Dale Arden's secretary. 

   The group land on Mongo and meet up with Jungle Jim to fight some of Ming's troops. The troops are easily defeated, but the group learns that on Mongo, two years have passed since Kings Watch, and a lot has happened since then.

   Can't say I'm a fan of this new Phantom, who is supposed to provide comedic relief, but spends most of the time complaining. 

   Other than that, a fun issue.

Grade: B



Hoy Murphy said...

I enjoyed King's Watch and am awaiting the King's Collection of the individual character mini-series. I'll buy King's Watch when it's collected. I like reading about these familiar characters that I don't normally follow.

Hoy Murphy

Chuck said...

I probably should give it another chance - I'm a big fan of these heroes, but like Glen, I didn't like the way they were treating The Phantom. But if you both like it, maybe I was too quick to dismiss it.