Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Wrath of the Eternal Warrior #8

   Boy, when this series gets dark, it doesn't mess around.

   At the end of the last storyline, the Eternal Warrior - Gilad Anni-Padda - died protecting the Earth.

   One the other side, he was reunited with his beloved family - but soon, he is called back to his duties. To return to the world of the living, he had to fight his way back through a hellscape of demons.

   But when he returns to life he finds himself in a mysterious and very deadly Labyrinth.

   Its owner has built it for the specific purpose of learning the secret of Gilad's immortality - which means he has to "kill" Gilad over and over, all of which is depicted in horrifying fashion herein.

   How can Gilad fight back and solve the Labyrinth? Good question!

   Certainly not for the faint of heart, this story is expertly crafted by writer Robert Venditti and artists Raul Allen and Patricia Martin.

   Gilad is a great character, adaptable to many different kinds of stories - including this one, that skillfully combines science fiction and adventure with horror.  

Grade: A-


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