Sunday, June 19, 2016

Justice League #51

   I thought I was really going to like this issue.

   It's a bit of a throwback, apparently set early after the origin of the Justice League, as Batman brings Robin (Dick Grayson) in to meet the team.

   Sounds like fun, right?

   During the introduction the team promptly starts acting like bullies, teasing Batman about hanging out with a kid - apparently not caring how their insults will hurt the Boy Wonder's feelings.

   Of course, in the ensuing battle (there's always an ensuing battle), Robin gets the change to prove himself as a trio of odd, time-lost menaces threaten the team.

   There's also a mysterious big bad lurking in the background, threatening more destruction.

   The team somewhat redeems its earlier actions - but not completely (and considering that almost every member of the team, except maybe Cyborg and Wonder Woman, have also - or will eventually - work with younger heroes, they come across as hypocrites here).

   C'mon, JL - you're heroes. Act like it!

Grade: B


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