Saturday, June 18, 2016

Batman #1

   For the opening issue of the new Batman series, the creative team has that hero tackling the kind of job you'd usually see Superman handling - a plane falling out of the sky.

   The story is touching and fantastic, very dramatic, and I like the art - but I don't believe for a minute that what Batman does in this issue is at all possible.

   No human could stand on an airliner without protective gear, and he certainly couldn't hang on (or swing around on the plane) via a Bat-rope.

   I could go on and on and nit-pick the story to death, but that would be silly - this is a comic and you generally have to shelve your sense of disbelief at some point.

   But this issue forced my sense of disbelief to jump up and down and shake its little fist.

   Nice start, nice cliffhanger, but ultimately a very silly story.

Grade: B


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