Monday, March 21, 2016

International Iron Man #1

   Yep, it's another comic devoted to the adventures of Tony Stark, and this series apparently takes a global approach - thus the title, International Iron Man.

   But strangely enough, the issue devotes most of its time to a flashback of a particular event from Tony's college days.

   To be more specific, the focus is on his encounter with a beautiful fellow student named Cassandra - but if he's going to manage to get some, uh, quality time with her, he'll have to find a way around her bodyguards.

   It's a fun story the does eventually get around to modern times (though I'm still not sure where the "International" comes in).

   It's a sharp script by Brian Michael Bendis, with wonderful, expressive art by Alex Maleev.

   The series has Tony's "voice" down pat - and the issue manages to evoke an origin-like feel without actually recapping Iron Man's origin.


Grade: A-


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