Sunday, March 20, 2016

Wynonna Earp #2

   I'm really enjoying the new Wynonna Earp series, as it takes us back to the beginning of her career as a U.S. Marshal (Black Badge Division).

   She's traveling the country, hunting down assorted monsters and demons with a vengeance.

   You can tell she's young because she has almost no thought to her own safety as she launches into deadly situations and trusts that her own toughness - and some big guns - will get her out of any situation.

   This time around she travels to Malad City, a small town built around a Milk Company - but there's nothing wholesome about this business, as it serves as a distributor of human organs to assorted nasty creatures around the country.

   As always, writer / creator Beau Smith serves up an equal measure of hard-hitting action, sharp dialogue and a solid helping of humor.

    I really like Laura Innes' artwork - her characters are lively and expressive, her action scenes are hard-hitting, and she captures the humor and the horror equally well.

   The series is a good primer for the upcoming TV series set to hit the SyFy Channel starting April 1 - set your DVRs now!

Grade: A



Kevin Findley said...

In a perfect world Chuck, you and Beau would be in charge of Marvel and DC. You'd have to take Marvel since Beau would happily fight you for the chance to be in charge of Lois Lane.

Chuck said...

Kevin, I'm all for it (as long as I can handle The Dazzler's comic). ;-)