Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Superman #50

   Well, the "Rebirth" of DC's line can't get here soon enough.

   The interminable story that's been running through the Superman title has our hero on the ropes, with his secret identity revealed, his powers taken away and his life turned upside down by a mysterious enemy.

   With this issue the enemy is revealed, Superman's powers are restored and we seem to be headed toward a major showdown - a battle in space, as the Man of Steel makes a last-ditch effort to save the world!

   And we see all that, but they have an extra-sized issue to fill, so the creative team rounds out the issue with extended dream sequences!

   Which I hate!

   And which don't really do anything to advance the plot!

   But, hey, roll out the guest artists (the art is quite good, thankfully, if a bit of a mix of styles). Pad that anniversary issue! And don't worry about the mess left behind - it'll all get fixed in a few months.

   Hurry up, tomorrow!

Grade: C



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