Saturday, February 20, 2016

The Mighty Thor #4

    My struggle with this series is that I worry that the female Thor will become popular enough that she'll supplant the real Thor (who has been largely unseen for the last year or more).

   But the creative team is making it difficult to dislike the series.

   Writer Jason Aaron keeps the story barreling along - first Thor is facing down armies of Dark Elves, then she's tackling an even bigger (and more impossible) challenge.

   The character is a lot of fun, fighting for her life in her civilian identity, and constantly under fire as "Thor," always determined and ready to face danger head-on.

   The art by Russell Dauterman is also a lot of fun - a trifle busy in spots, but loaded with energy and life.

   This issue sets up a massive confrontation next issue, and perhaps we'll get to the bottom of one of the more irritating stories that have been bubbling since this storyline started.

   And then maybe we can get around to bringing back the real Thor - and coming up with another name for this character. We don't want to lose her - but she's entertaining enough to deserve her own place, and her own name.

Grade: A-


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