Sunday, February 21, 2016

Silver Surfer #2

   There are very few comics that manage to combine a classic feel with modern storytelling - but Silver Surfer is one such book.

   A lot of it can be attributed to the wonderful artwork of Mike Allred, which manages to convey a Kirby-like sensibility without ever actually copying that legend.

   Rather than succumb to the modern standards of overwrought detail, he focuses on conveying the energy, emotion and humor of each situation. His characters are malleable, not carved out of steel.

   The environments also share a Ditkoesque sense of the surreal. It's wonderful work, though I admit it may not be for everyone - but I really enjoy it.

   The story by Allred and Dan Slott is mostly setup for next issue's celebration of the Surfer's 50th Anniversary, but it brings back one of the Surfer's oldest friends (when girlfriends clash!) - and one of his first opponents (you might spot him on the cover).

   It also presents a threat to the world like no other - and a few surprises as well.

   I'm really enjoying this series, one of the few that has fun with its premise. Here's to another 50!

Grade: A-



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