Friday, February 19, 2016

Uncanny Inhumans #5

   After a terrific opening storyline, the latest issue of The Uncanny Inhumans changes things up.

   Following up a time-traveling life-and-death conflict is tricky - so what better way to unwind than by visiting the most unusual club in the Marvel Universe?

   It's known as The Quiet Room, and it's a place where Inhumans, superheroes and supervillains can meet and enjoy assorted entertainments.

   Supposedly, it's a safe zone where nothing can go wrong. (Apparently whoever coined the guarantee never watched the movie "West World.")

   The issue is a great swerve on the series, giving us a chance to see the characters from a different angle.

   With a great script by Charles Soule and terrific art by Brandon Peterson with color art by Java Tartaglia, this series continues to set a high mark for the Inhumans, who have enjoyed, thus far in their history, a real mixed bag of adventures (in other words, some are great, some not so much).

   But with this series, I'm happy to report, the results are: so far, so good!

Grade: A-


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