Monday, December 14, 2015

The Troop #1

   Grim and gritty comics have (sort of) a bad reputation these days, mostly because they've been overdone - and for a while, virtually every hero had to take a dark turn.

   There's more balance in the industry these days, so there's plenty of room for the dark side of things - and you get it in spades (along with a cracking good story) in The Troop.

   It starts slow, mysterious and bloody as hell.

   An idyllic family gathering is disrupted by a paramilitary invasion, and slaughter follows - but one member of the family has special gifts that allow her to survive, and then she's rescued by a mysterious benefactor.

   That scenario plays out at different locations, as powered young people are pursued and rescued - but their challenges are just starting. And why are they being pursued, and how are they being discovered?

   All questions that hold promise for the future of the series, with the caveat that these are not stories for young readers - there's brutal violence, nudity, adult language - you get the picture.

   Kudos to writer Noel Clarke and artist J. Cassara for crafting a terrific first issue - the story and dialogue are compelling and the art is powerful and striking.

   So if you can handle the rough stuff, The Troop is highly recommended.

Grade: A


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