Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Peanuts Every Sunday (Reprint)

   In the early 1960s, reprints of comic strips were haphazard - but very welcome by fans.

   The Peanuts strips were in great demand, but only in recent years have we finally seen collections that reprint the strips in chronological order.

   When I was a kid (again, early '60s), pretty much the only source was a series of paperback books which chopped up the strips and printed them in an odd, pasted-together format (you can read my review of one right here).

   Titan Comics has been reprinting those original paperbacks, and this may be the best of the bunch: Peanuts Every Sunday.

   It includes a collection of Sunday strips (though not in color) that were originally printed from 1958 to 1961. Best of all, each pages reprints a Sunday strip in its original format - no cutting and pasting here.

   It's prime work by Charles Schulz - he was really hitting his stride with these strips. It's great work and well worth tracking down - and it's a great way to sample early Peanuts strips at a great price!

Grade: A-


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