Monday, November 30, 2015

Saga #31

   This comic, I swear.

   When you expect it to zig, it dances a rhumba.

   This issue of Saga brings us the adventures of young Hazel, a cross-breed child who is enduring the trials of being in school (or perhaps pre-school), then we get a flashback (to see how she survived certain death in space) - then we see some full frontal nudity (that's always on the table here), and then she learns an important lesson about honesty.

    The story by Brian K. Vaughn continues to sing along with a strong, proud and confident voice - it compels you to pay attention and laugh along (when you're not cringing in terror).

   The art by Fiona Staples is, as always, a delight. (Did she suffer any whiplash, I wonder, jumping from the "new" Archie Andrews to the "raw" pages of Saga?) Stunning, powerful yet sensitive work.

   Definitely for adults only, always a thrill ride - smart and compelling science fiction.

   As always, highly recommended!

Grade: A


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