Sunday, November 29, 2015

Archie #4

   The underlying mystery in this new version of Archie has been: what happened to break up the "forever couple" Archie and Betty?

   Writer Mark Waid defies the usual modern-day comic book mindset (which is: create a mystery and then never, ever solve it) by spelling out the incident just four issues in.

    The infamous "Lipstick Incident" is revealed in all its teen-drama detail - and it's actually touching (aside from the slapstick moments, natch).

   But of course we can't talk about it here without spoiling it - so let's just say how nice it is to see a story about actual teenage actions and emotions.

   The art is by Annie Wu, and even though it's a teensy bit sketchier than Fiona Staples (who's been handling the art up to this point), it's strong and passionate and a lot of fun!

   The series continues to defy my original skepticism - it's a solid new take on the classic tale of boys likes girls!

Grade: A-


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