Saturday, November 7, 2015

Paper Girls #2

   I admit a real fondness for kids delivering newspapers, since I spent two years of my youth as a paperboy (hey, it was a great job and I made good money, which I used to buy lots of comic books).

   So I'm intrigued by the new series Paper Girls, which centers around four young women who ride their bikes through the neighborhood early every morning, dealing with assorted punks, cops and the occasional monster.

   Written by Brian K. Vaughn and drawn by Cliff Chiang with colors by Matt Wilson, the series doesn't take long to take a weird turn - starting slow in the first issue, and then kicking the weirdness level off the scale with this issue.

   There's a lot to like here: from the terrific art to the instantly-likeable quartet of girls to the delightfully strange turns the story takes.

   The series is off to a odd start, but its unpredictable nature is a big part of the fun.

   Highly recommended!

Grade: A-



El Vox said...

I wondered what this series was about. I too used to deliver newspapers when I was in high school. I too for the most part enjoyed it too (with the exception of a few of the dogs on my route). Maybe it was because it was my first job aside from mowing yards, or all the fresh air, working pretty much on my own, but yeah, brings back fond memories.

Chuck said...

El Vox, yeah, I clashed with a few dogs on the route (and was bitten but good once). It wasn't much fun in bad weather, but I was lucky enough to deliver the afternoon paper - so only on Sunday morning did I have to get up early. Sounds like we followed a similar working path - I mowed lawns for years to make money.