Sunday, November 8, 2015

Invincible Iron Man #3

   Despite the character's huge success in the movies (thanks in large part to actor Robert Downey, Jr.'s terrific work), over in the comics the Invincible Iron Man has been a hit-or-miss prospect.

    Thankfully, the new version is looking like a hit.

   That's largely thanks to Marvel handing the book over to one of its top talents - writer Brian Michael Bendis - who has a great touch for action sequences and a sound ear for crisp dialogue.

   He has wisely taken Tony Stark back to the basics - he's brilliant, an inventor, a playboy, and a high-flying superhero - while eliminating most of the dark undertones we've had to slog through in recent stories.

   He's also a good guy, though he sometimes pretends to be otherwise (especially when romancing a beautiful genius).

   But his past failures return to haunt him - this time in the form of Whitney Frost (Madame Masque), who demonstrates some amazing new powers - in a field that Tony has little ability with.

   That leads to the team-up (if briefly) between Iron Man and Dr. Strange - and it includes a classic bit of humor that got a big laugh out of me.

   Look, I love the art, the characters "feel" right, and there's a big story building. What's not to like?

   It's great to see this character getting the treatment he deserves! (The readers deserve it, too!)

Grade: A-


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